Waste heat to
green electricity

Our vision

TEGma aims to be the leading supplier of complete thermoelectric solutions

About TEGma

Roughly 60% of global energy consumption is lost as waste heat. This represents a huge energy recovery potential.

TEGma has delivered several full-scale commercial thermoelectric waste heat recovery systems, so far mostly focused on marine markets.

TEGma and its supplier network has significant and easily scalable capacity to meet the growing market needs.

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TEGma's power unit captures waste heat and converts it directly into clean electrical power through a solid-state thermoelectric device - with no moving parts.

TEGma's unit can also be run in reverse: When applying power to TEGma's system, it will cool or heat fluids. TEGma is also delivering such thermoelectric heating and cooling systems.

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Thermoelectric power generation requires high efficiency thermoelectric materials, a reliable technology for integration of these into thermoelectric modules, and a system that interfaces with the heat source.

Tegma provides turn-key thermoelectric systems where all these aspects are incorporated.

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TEGma’s Power Unit can transform waste heat directly into electricity in a variety of applications, for example shipping, process industry, and incineration.

TEGma's system for heating/cooling can be used in various applications, including shipping: Cooling of cargo or fuel gases, and heating of accommodation quarters.

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