About TEGma

Roughly 60% of global energy consumption is lost as waste heat. This represents a huge energy recovery potential - and thus additional electricity without any additional operating costs or emissions.

TEGma has delivered several full-scale commercial thermoelectric waste heat recovery systems, so far mostly focused on marine markets. Typical system sizes delivered and contracted range from 40 kW to 200 kW systems.

TEGma and its supplier network has significant and easily scalable capacity to meet the growing market needs.

TEGma is initiated by and owned by the Scatec Innovation Group.

“TEGma is benefiting from Scatec Innovation's extensive experience in industrializing and scaling clean technologies."

Scatec Innovation's portfolio include the following companies

Scatec ASA: Scatec ASA is a leading renewable energy solutions provider, accelerating access to reliable and affordable clean energy in high growth markets. Scatec has 4.6 GW in operation and under construction across four continents today.

Norsk Titanium: Norsk Titanium's rapid plasma deposition® (RPD®) is a commercial aerospace OEM-qualified additive manufacturing process that delivers structural titanium parts with reduced lead time and cost.

REEtec: REEtec develops businesses related to rare earth elements based on a unique and environmentally friendly separation technology. The company has secured financing to build the first industrial scale production unit.

NorSun: NorSun manufactures high performance mono-crystalline silicon wafers for the global solar energy industry. NorSun is an established supplier to tier-one cell manufacturers.