Heat to Power

TEGma's Power Unit can transform waste heat directly into
electricity in a variety of applications, for example shipping, process industry, and incineration.

The TEGma system can transform waste heat directly into electricity from a wide variety of sources, such as:

- Steam (up to 170°C)
- Hot water (80-120 °C)
- Other fluids (e.g., Thermal oil)

Power to heating/cooling

When applying power to TEGma’s thermoelectric system, it acts as a heat pump to cool or heat fluids.

Advantages include:
- Energy-efficient heating & cooling systems
- Huge flexibility
- Low footprint

Examples of specific applications

TEGma has delivered several full-scale commercial thermoelectric waste heat recovery systems.
TEGma Power Unit
TEGma Power Unit


Waste heat to power:

  • Excess steam from economizer → TEGma’s Power unit
  • Hot water from cooling loop → TEGma's Power unit

Power to heat/cooling:

  • Cooling of cargo
  • Cooling of fuel gases
  • Heating of accommodation quarters

Process industry

Increased energy efficiency

  • Waste heat from process industry, waste incineration etc. → large potential for power production → increased energy efficiency
  • Geothermal → direct production of electrical power from geothermal steam