TEGma's power unit captures waste heat and converts it directly into clean electrical power through a solid-state thermoelectric device - with no moving parts. Thermoelectric materials are a class of advanced materials producing electricity directly from heat. TEGMA develops systems for thermoelectric applications.

TEGma's thermoelectric systems have no moving parts
An illustration of the TEGma Power Unit
  • TEGma's Thermoelectric Power Unit captures waste heat and converts it into clean electrical power
  • Direct conversion of temperature gradients into electric power through a solid-state device, meaning no moving parts
  • Generated power can be fed directly into power grids, for flexible distribution and a smaller CO2 footprint
  • Thermoelectric systems are a proven technology which have been used for decades to power satellites

TEGma's unit can also be run in reverse: When applying power to TEGma's system, it will cool or heat fluids. TEGma is also delivering such thermoelectric heating and cooling systems.

TEGma's advantages - no opex, flexible, clean

Power without additional opex

- Captures available waste heat → No additional fuel cost

- No moving parts → High reliability & minimal maintenance

- No working fluid required → No consumable cost


- Modular system → Scalable in small increments

- Compact system w/simple interface → Easy to install


- Captures available waste heat → Optimizes energy efficiency

- Thermoelectric system → Generates no emissions

- Compact system & standard materials → Low environmental footprint